New World Organics TM is the home for organic health and wellness products formulated by Suzanne Catty. Using 100% plant-based ingredients sourced from small producers globally, Ms Catty has one goal, to make the finest and most effective products possible while causing no harm to people or the environment. From skin and beauty care to pain management, and general wellness, New World Organics TM products are designed to work.

In 2001, company CEO, Suzanne Catty, changed the world with her groundbreaking work, Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy  (Healing Arts Press, Rochester VT, ISBN 0-89281-946-4. 352 pages, multiple languages) creating a new form of plant medicine and turning an unused by-product into a global commodity. Hydrosols is due as an E-Book in late 2011. She also has a new book The Holistic Healers Handbook pending publication. Ms Catty says, “As a pioneer in natural health care and organic products we like to tell people what they ‘can do’ for their health, not what they ‘can’t do’.”

New World Organics TM uses only food-grade ingredients sourced from Mother Nature in the most natural, raw form possible. We believe minimal processing of ingredients maintains their therapeutic properties best. Less processing is also better for the environment as we avoid the use of chemicals and toxic manufacturing processes. It also allows us to purchase raw ingredients direct from the farmer producers all over the world, even when they don’t have access to high-tech and mechanical production methods.

Ms Catty’s previous company, Acqua Vita, was the first Organic Aromatherapy company in Canada, established in 1995. In seventeen years of clinical practice she has worked with more than 2000 clients and developed more than 1000 unique products. With the launch of New World Organics TM,  she has hand-picked the cream of the crop and these products are now available to everyone, helping you to… Cultivate Health Naturally.